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Zannichellia palustris


Zannichellia palustris, the horned pondweed,<ref name=invasion>Template:Cite news</ref> is a plant found in fresh to brackish waters in the United States (especially in the Chesapeake Bay),<ref name=grass>Template:Cite web</ref> Europe, Asia, Australasia, and South America. It is recognizable by its long, thread like leaves, and "stringy" appearance. Its roots are also long and tendril-like, and its seeds bear a distinctive horned shape, hence the common name. The species epithet palustris is Latin for "of the marsh" and indicates its common habitat.<ref>Archibald William Smith Template:Google books</ref> Chromosome number was confirmed as 2n = 24 in Japan.<ref>Norio Tanaka, Yu Ito, Ruriko Matsuyama and Koichi Uehara (2007) Chromosome numbers of Zannichellia L. (Zannichelliaceae) in Japan. Bulletin of the National Museum of Nature and Science. Series B 33: 133-136</ref>